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In awarding custody, Illinois courts are out to protect the best interest of a child. While in the past the “tender years presumption” favored mothers in custody determinations, equal protection concerns have afforded fathers equal consideration in these matters.

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Illinois Joint Custody Lawyers

When determining custody, the court will consider the wishes of both parents and those of the child. Additionally, the court will consider the relationship a child has with each parent, who has acted as the primary caregiver, as well as the interaction with siblings. If there is a history or threat of violence and abuse, this will also affect how the court determines custody. Lastly, the court will evaluate how well a child is adjusted to his or her home, neighborhood, school, and larger community.

Regardless of custody, parenting time, or visitation, both parents should have access to the medical records of their children and have the legal authority to make medical decisions for them.

At Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC, we understand that your custody agreement must fit with your occupation. Firefighters, pilots, police officers, musicians, and other individuals in similar employment cannot conform to a cookie cutter approach for their custody schedules. We will help you customize a plan that fits your schedule while also protecting your child’s best interests.

Illinois Divorce Law Revisions

In the spring, there is potential for a vast overhaul of the divorce laws. We stay on top of these issues in order to protect your best interests and inform you of the actions you can take to protect your children as well.

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